Taxidermied Road Kill Meets Beer

Jun 16, 2011


squirrel adp1 Taxidermied Road Kill Meets Beer

Have you ever been drinking beer from a bottle and thought, “This is fun, but I wish I felt a little more like a squirrel was barfing in my mouth”?

If so, Scottish microbrewery BrewDog has—or had—a product for you: a 55 %ABV beer called End of History, served in a bottle made from actual road kill. The exclusive batch sold out last year, and according to BuzzFeed each bottle went for $765. Hopefully they’re patiently compiling enough road kill to release batch two in time for fall. Maybe this time they could expand to mid-size road kill and sell full bears of bear.

beer2 adp Taxidermied Road Kill Meets Beer

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