Finally, A Hip-Hop Album Inspired by The Big Lebowski

May 13, 2010

lebowski 150x150 Finally, A Hip Hop Album Inspired by The Big LebowskiAs the years move on, more and more people are pulled into the Lebowski-obsession camp. Now, after years of waiting, a hip-hop album that’s solely inspired by the cult-classic film has become a reality. And it’s available as a pay-what-you-will download after the jump.

The album, by hip-hop artists Opio and Unjust is titled “Mark It Zero,” and it’s replete with samples from the film and song titles like “Dios Mio” and “World of Pain” in homage to the film. All-in-all, it’s certainly worth a listen by any fan of the movie while we all wait patiently for the next Lebowski Fest (NYC Lebowski Fest is scheduled for November)
Stream and download “Mark it Zero” here.

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