Lou Reed and Metallica Post Song Sample

In Music by Liza Eckert / September 19, 2011

Hear a clip of “The View.”

Lou Reed and Metallica Post Song Sample

We’re still waiting for the full album to decide if Lou Reed was right when he said working with Metallica was the best thing he ever did or if it, in fact, will be a ridiculous mess to be mocked and placed among the worst and most ego-driven collaborations in rock history—but we may be about 30 seconds closer to figuring it out. The pair has made a short clip of one of the songs, “The View,” available for preview.

The sample, which you can check out over at Amazon, basically sounds like, well, Lou Reed talk-singing over a fairly classic-sounding Metallica guitar riff. But it’s hard to judge an entire album, or even the whole song, based off that short snippet. It sounds like Reed may transition into more of a metal-esque vocal style, but it cuts off before you can really tell. It may actually be equal parts ridiculous and amazing.

The full song will be available on Amazon on September 27, and the rest of the “Lulu” album comes out November 1 in North America and October 31 everywhere else.