Watch: Roseanne Barr Pops Up at Occupy Wall Street

In News by Alex Moore / September 19, 2011

Roseanne Barr showed up at at Occupy Wall Street today to deliver a speech. (Anonymous: she loves your masks.)

Watch: Roseanne Barr Pops Up at Occupy Wall Street

Roseanne Barr added her name to the list of rich people who want to pay more in taxes in order to have a balanced society rather than some post-middle-class financial apocalypse that we seem to be drifting toward.

Popping up at Occupy Wall Street today, Barr grabbed the microphone of a bullhorn and delivered a speech from some prepared remarks in front of protesters wearing signature Anonymous Guy Fawkes masks. (“I love your masks,” she told them.)

She called for “a new capitalism” that employed common sense to create opportunities but also “care for its sickest child.” Advocating to take the best of both capitalism and socialism, she argued for a new system called “peopleism.”

“I’m so thrilled that so many of us have been able to crack our mind control program that we’ve been living under for so many years.”

Ok, now do you believe us that ‘Roseanne’ was revolutionary TV?

Watch Roseanne’s speech at Occupy Wall Street below: