Rest In Peace, Rue McClanahan

Jun 3, 2010

rue mcclanahan 150x150 Rest In Peace, Rue McClanahanEveryone knows that annoying breed of girl who will designate corresponding Sex and the City characters to her friends.  “I’m a Carrie, and Mitzi’s a Samantha,” and so on and barf and so forth.  My friends and I never did this.  Instead, in a similarly annoying but slightly more elderly-inspired way, we picked which Golden Girl was most like each of us.  I’m proud to say that my was Blanche Devereaux, played by the late Rue McClanahan.

Rue McClanahan died today at 76 years old after a stroke.  She was most famous for the fiery, man-eating Devereaux character, although she appeared in many other programs.

Of her similarities to Blanche, McClanahan has been quoted as saying “Blanche was an oversexed, self-involved, man-crazy, vain Southern belle from Atlanta—and I’m not from Atlanta.”

McClanahan’s family has asked that her fans pay tribute to her on Facebook, which McClanahan herself probably had no idea how to use.  She will be remembered for her beauty, her charm, and her love for animals:

Rest in peace, Rue, and know that your wonderful memory will continue to manifest itself in unapologetic sluts like me.

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