Watch: Amy Winehouse Video for Posthumous Single ‘Our Day Will Come’

Nov 21, 2011

The first video from Amy Winehouse’s posthumous album hit the internet this weekend.

winehouse adp Watch: Amy Winehouse Video for Posthumous Single Our Day Will Come

Next month Amy Winehouse’s posthumous album “Lioness: Hidden Treasures” comes out, featuring 12 previously unreleased Winehouse tracks along with a series of covers, including her duet with Tony Bennett, “Body and Soul.” Late Friday, another one of the album’s covers, “Our Day Will Come,” a 60s soul number known mostly for a rendition by Ruby and the Romantics, released a video to the internet in advance of the album’s official release date.

The video effectively blends live footage with cinematic captured video footage of Winehouse. It’s chilling to see the first new Amy Winehouse video since her passing last summer. The song itself has a soulful, old-timey feel that showcases the late great singer at her best. Take a look below.

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