Listen: Mount Eerie ‘House Shape’

In Music by Doug Bleggi / March 23, 2012

Mount Eerie, and its predecessor, The Microphones, are two projects fronted by Olympian Phil Evrum, both known for their brand of lo-fi indie folk. On new track “House Shape,” the fidelity is still low, but there’s a denser quality to it than usual. A great deal of Evrum’s previous work is sparse and dusty sounding. “House Shape” isn’t exactly a heavily produced reinvention, but there is a more distinct clarity to the mix.

A song that Evrum has played many times live over the last year, this new track channels shoegaze’s drone factor with his monotone voice dangling low in the mix, as if lost in the wilderness of the jangled guitars and hanging keyboards.

“House Shape” is set to come out on Mount Eerie’s first of the two new records, “Clear Moon.” “Ocean’s Roar” will follow later in the year. Give it a listen below.

Mount Eerie — “House Shape”