Five edible chocolate rooms

Five edible chocolate rooms

Apr 2, 2012

You remember the chocolate room from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” It’s impossible to forget: an indoor green, mossy garden decorated with psychedelic flowers and mushrooms and lined with a creamy chocolate river. Though Wonka forbids his guests to taste the chocolate, Augustus Gloop drinks anyway and is sucked down a tube to the factory’s fudge room. Hardly a punishment, as these things go.

To celebrate the week leading up to Easter, the most chocolatey holiday, here are five rooms made entirely of chocolate, designed for adults.

1. Paris, France

karl1 adp Five edible chocolate rooms

karl2 adp Five edible chocolate rooms

In early 2011 Karl Lagerfeld created this hotel room from 10 tons of Belgian chocolate as part of an engagement with Magnum ice-cream. As you can see, not only are the walls and furniture chocolate, but so is the man lounging on the bed in his underwear, eating a chocolate popsicle. (via)

2. Kaliningrad, Russia

russia1 adp Five edible chocolate rooms

russia2 adp Five edible chocolate rooms

A shopping mall in Kaliningrad, Russia commissioned sculptor Elena Climent to carve a room from chocolate to celebrate the mall’s fifth anniversary. Made from 420 kilograms of dark and white chocolate, the room contains all the usual ornate furniture one might expect in a chocolate room, as well as a life-sized chocolate hound. (via)

3. New York City, USA

godiva2 adp Five edible chocolate rooms

godiva1 adp Five edible chocolate rooms

Above is the Godiva Decadence Suite, designed in 2009 for a room in the 21st floor of the Bryant Park Hotel by Jonathan Adler. Unlike other chocolate rooms, this one is actually inhabitable. Note the edible candlesticks and kindling. (via)

4. Vilnius, Lithuania

Lith1 adp Five edible chocolate rooms

cat adp Five edible chocolate rooms

A shopping mall in Vilnius, Lithuania created this chocolate dining room for Valentine’s day 2011. It contains 300 kilograms (661 pounds) of chocolate, white and dark, including an adorable, napping white chocolate kitten. (via)

5. London, U.K.

edible adp Five edible chocolate rooms

Students in specialist courses in patisserie and confectionery at Westminster Kingsway College created the room shown above at The Cavendish London just last month. The Easter themed suite contains 100kg of Callebaut chocolate. It was occupied over the weekend by two lucky guests. (via)

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