Street artist P183, the ‘Russian Banksy,’ causes panic in Moscow with space invader model

In News by DJ Pangburn / April 18, 2012

Moscow was put on terror alert this week after following an art stunt pulled by the street artist known as PS183, who has been called the “Russian Banksy.”

It seems that P183 built a giant model of a space invader (from the popular video game) and placed it underneath a Moscow bridge, programming it to “shoot” passing cars with a red laser.

P183 told RT, “I’m shocked at the police reaction. Who could have possibly mistaken a two-meter-wide space invader for a bomb? What astonished me the most is that when media reported this, they had a picture of actual grenade next to the text. You’ve seen the reaction of the people in the video recorded – it made them laugh! No one was suspicious about this!”

Indeed, but should P183 really be that surprised? The evolution of state security in the post-9/11 world renders nearly everything a possible terrorist threat. Every object is a bomb. Every odd-looking or shifty person is a terrorist. Whispers are conspiracy. Fleeting glances are evidence of a vast plot. And, of course, in Russia the ruling elite regularly look to cast the other as a wrecker of Russian civilization, or at least what passes for it under Vladimir Putin.

At any rate, with P183 coming to the fore like anarchist art collective Voina and the riot grrrl protest band Pussy Riot, the counter culture is alive and well in Russia.