Nice man buys entire Kmart, donates contents to charity

In News by Carmel Lobello / May 18, 2012

Kentucky Businessman Rankin Paynter recently visited a soon-to-close local Kmart to check out the super sales. After asking where all the merchandise on the shelves would go after closing, and hearing “power-buyers” would buy it up, Paynter converted himself into a power buyer and purchase every last thing on the shelves. Six hours and $200,000 later, Paynter donated every last Kmart item to his Clark County community’s charity. That’s a lot of bathing suits, patio furniture and laundry hampers to go around.

This sort of (kind of) reminds us of that movie “Seven Pounds” in which Will Smith tries to make peace with having killed seven people in a car crash by slowly finding seven other people to save by donating his organs to one by one. After donating a kidney, some bone marrow, a lung lobe and part of his liver, he finally meets a beautiful girl with a heart condition and in the end (SPOILER ALERT) gives away his heart.

That’s so sad! Thankfully in real life, charity can just take a really nice guy, a lot of money and moving vans big enough to transport multiple washing machines. Yay Rankin Paynter!


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