4-year-old deaf boy inspires latest Marvel superhero

May 24, 2012

Until recently, a four-year-old New Hampshire boy Anthony Smith could not hear out of his right ear and has hearing damage in his left. He also – in an adorable if self-defeating display of childhood stubbornness – refused to wear a hearing aid because “superheroes don’t wear hearing aids.”

His mother then emailed Marvel for ideas to try and convince Anthony to wear his hearing aid (which he calls ‘Blue Ear’ because it is, you guessed it, blue) and Marvel replied with not just a picture of Hawkeye but a drawing of an entirely new superhero named… you guessed it… Blue Ear.

Take a look at a Fox Boston report on the story:

And here’s a drawing of Hawkeye and Anthony Smith as Blue Ear drawn by artist Manny Maderos.

 4 year old deaf boy inspires latest Marvel superhero

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