Man saves calico kitten from hot Mercedes engine

In News by Carmel Lobello / June 13, 2012

Brooklyn photographer Antonio Rosario was driving on Ocean Parkway on his way to Brighten Beach when he heard a crying cat from what he thought was the side of the road. But a little farther along he heard the cry again, and after pulling up to a stoplight he spotted a Mercedes s550 in the rearview mirror with a broken signal light. In the hollow where the light once was, was the face of a tiny calico kitten.

Rosario flagged the Mercedes down and together with the driver and a few curious passersby rescued the little guy from the engine, where it risked burning to death on its way to the beach. Rosario adopted the kitty, of course, and named her Mercedes, Mercy for short. Check out Rosario’s blog for the full riveting tale along with more pics.

Man saves calico kitten from hot Mercedes engine


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