'The Exorcist' gets the laugh track treatment

‘The Exorcist’ gets the laugh track treatment

Oct 25, 2012

Step aside, Abby and Brittany.

Just when you think the TLC Network had struck the final blow in shock-valued television, along comes a new mashup conceived in the Film School Rejects lab: William Friedkin’s “The Exorcist” as a suburb sitcom.

Granted, unlike FSR’s latest YouTube artistry, “Abby & Brittany,” TLC’s mind fuck of a reality series about conjoined twins living day-to-day in the American heartland, is a legitimate television series with eight episodes in the can. (No word yet on the possibility of a second season.) And, let’s be honest: It’s a show that, in a way, is probably teaching the nation about tolerance. Most countries would probably just burn these kids at the stake instead of giving them their own show. So maybe we’re all learning to look at weird things a little better because of these kids. But I digress. Where was I?

As much of a delusional location-stalking Friedkin fan as yours truly is, I’ve come to terms that there’s no “Exorcist” TV show in the works. C’mon! But, if “Abby & Brittany” have taught us anything, it’s that a heartwarming sitcom about a demonically possessed teen spewing split pea soup and clambering down the staircase like a porn star after a car accident isn’t so far off from reality. We just gotta have TLC search more suburban households.

Until then, please enjoy “The Exorcist” as a would-be ’80s sitcom. Oh, and, since we’re on the subject of Friedkin, for their next mash-up could Film School Rejects possibly put together a trailer for “The French Connection” as a workplace comedy? That’d be great.


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