John Cusack will play Rush Limbaugh in new biopic

John Cusack will play Rush Limbaugh in new biopic

Nov 5, 2012

We recently noted that Bill Murray will star in a World War II-era drama set in Germany, hot on the heels of his portrayal of FDR in this year’s “Hyde Park on Hudson.” By all counts it looks like Murray is lining up for his long-overdue Oscar with classic Oscar-glue roles.

John Cusack, on the other hand, is going for a whole different direction and bringing the weird in a serious way: In the best piece of movie news since it was announced twin crazies Nicolas Cage and Christian Bale will play Tomas Edison and Nikola Tesla in the same movie, today we get word that Cusack will star as Rush Limbaugh in a new biopic next year.

Though yesterday Deadline reported this was still preliminary, Contact Music today is reporting Betty Thomas (“28 Days,” “Private Parts”) has signed on to direct. The film is apparently being developed by Cusack’s production company.

John Cusack is and always has been the man. He’s also been an outspoken liberal. Which makes Deadline’s account of the movie as a “non-partisan” portrayal seem a little dubious. Say nothing of him looking absolutely nothing like Rush Limbaugh. But he did sport a ponytail in “Being John Malkovich”—turn it gray, remove the whole middle part and you’re halfway there:

 John Cusack will play Rush Limbaugh in new biopic

Now, the question remains: who to play Rush’s buddy Donald Trump?

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