Bane almost looked like the gimp from ‘Pulp Fiction’

In Entertainment by Brian Abrams / November 21, 2012

No one seemed to mind the resemblance between Tom Hardy’s mask and the oh-so expansive meme known as goatse. So it probably wouldn’t have been as big a deal to the fan boys had Christopher Nolan decided to have his “The Dark Knight Rises” villain smack of Quentin Tarantino’s leather-clad anal slave. Right? I mean, they’d eat ‘em up either way.

Heh. “Eat ‘em up.” (I’m dead weight this morning. Sorry.)

Anyway, some concept art is making the rounds, rend asunder from the extras disc on the upcoming “TDKR” Blu-ray that shows a Bane that could have been. Call me meshuggah, but a couple illustrations currently in Web circulation look a hell of a lot like leather-clad wilted flower kept in the back of Zed’s pawn shop, especially the one on the right (below).

Bane almost looked like the gimp from 'Pulp Fiction'

I mean, the zippers are going in the wrong direction (vertical as opposed to the gimp’s east-west metal groove across the lips), but, hey, what do you think happens after tons of basement sex? I have no idea what I’m talking about.