Did Anonymous save the 2012 election from Karl Rove?

In Politics by Ned Hepburn / November 26, 2012

Karl Rove, depending on how you view him, is either one of the most brilliant political minds of the past 100 years or the biggest asshole to ever walk the face of the earth. Given some recent evidence brought forth by web-collective Anonymous that he tried to steal the 2012 election, he might just be both.

In a cryptic statement released by Anonymous on November 8th they spend a lot of the letter talking about “rats” and “sewer pipes.” This might not be a gigantic deal – people use shitty analogies all the time – although website Addicting Info has apparently cracked the code. Rove operatives apparently tried to use the Orca portal, designed to track voting patterns, to access those sewer pipes and rig the vote number. Anonymous claims they set up encrypted passwords to act as firewalls in order to fool Rove’s cronies and block them out of their own system. Rove’s people tried, and eventually failed, to hack through them.

…to a computer person, a rat is something radically different, a r.a.t. hack. The Remote Administration Tool hack is a method of remotely accessing a machine as if it were local. Using such a hack, you would have full access to the machine, at a level someone physically at the machine may not have. A “sewer server” is a term used to denote a hack over a secured tunnel, known as a Secured SHell (SSH), using a form of encryption designed to make it appear to be innocent background traffic.

Here’s the text of the letter from Anonymous, from our friends at Wonkette:

Did Anonymous save the 2012 election from Karl Rove?
Did Anonymous save the 2012 election from Karl Rove?

If what they’re saying is true and fits the somewhat cryptic analogy that Addicting Info says, they just might release this info to Wikileaks that will – in detail – show how Karl Rove planned to take over the 2012 election using his ORCA machine. Disturbing!

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