R.E.M. release new video for 'That Someone Is You' featuring James Franco

R.E.M. release new video for ‘That Someone Is You’ featuring James Franco

Nov 28, 2012

The now defunct and still bald lead band R.E.M release a new music video for their song “That Someone Is You.” R.E.M. has always been a cheesy favorite of mine. (Note I did not say guilty pleasure because anyone who says that about a band is a pussy and just trying to cover their ass.) Their songs range from amazing “Losing My Religion” to god-awful “Stand.” But I love them nonetheless. Their music is fun and there is nothing wrong with it.

Which is why today I am proud to bring you their new music video for “That Someone Is You.” I always felt that releasing music after breaking up is kind of bullshit, but whatever, this song is pretty good. It also involves number-one hunk James Franco, a cat head, and the movie “Grease.” What else does a twenty-something cat woman living by herself in Brooklyn want from life? The video superimposes a cat head over one of the actresses in the performance of “Grease” and is pretty funny. Watch the video below.

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