HBO’s Grills: Season 2, Episode 1 recap

In Entertainment by Ned Hepburn / January 14, 2013

HBO's Grills: Season 2, Episode 1 recap
It’s that time of year again! Time for the critically acclaimed Grills.

HBO's Grills: Season 2, Episode 1 recap
Lena, totally a trusty blue Weber if there ever was one, is still working at the coffee shop and trying to decide between Sandy and Adam. She’s dependable, like a Weber, and sometimes blue, also like a Weber. She’s also boning that shitty rapper / good comedian Donald Glover in the new season, so there’s that.

Jessa is more of a woman than you’ll ever need yet is probably a lot to handle, like this $1500 top-of-the-line gas grill. She’s still with her man at the beginning of season 2… but for how long?

HBO's Grills: Season 2, Episode 1 recap
Shoshanna still kinda fucking sucks so far in season 2 but you could probably use her in a pinch. Kind of like this campfire grill.

Marnie, a fancy Japanese grill in that she looks nice but isn’t very practical, gets downsized at her job! Oooo! What’s gonna happen next week?