My Bloody Valentine bassist says new album is ‘pretty much finished’

In Music by DJ Pangburn / December 7, 2012

According to My Bloody Valentine’s bassist Debbie Googe, Kevin Shields has “one more track he wants to do.” That’s either great or terrible news. On the one hand it means the album is near completion. On the other, Shields—being the perfectionist he is—might take another year to finish it, or scrap the whole album entirely and start from scratch.

Google made the revelation in a Drowned In Sound interview, in which she also stated: “It will definitely come out as it’s pretty much finished. I mean, it’s impossible to talk about time with Kevin, but in terms of percentage-wise, he’s got one more track he wants to do then that’s it. Everything else is recorded.”

How priceless is the line “I mean, it’s impossible to talk about time with Kevin.” Very relativistic of Googe. What is time? How does Shields measure it? All great questions.