Marnie Stern's new single 'East Side Glory' is pretty great

Marnie Stern’s new single ‘East Side Glory’ is pretty great

Jan 18, 2013

Marnie Stern’s excellently titled new album “The Chronicles of Marnia” is due out this spring. The follow-up to her 2010 self-titled album and her first without drummer Zach Hill, who helped define her sound by playing like Animal on a speed bender, the first taste of “Marnia” offers up a slightly more subdued Marnie. “East Side Glory” dispenses with the mind-blowing shredding, but replaces it with a lush and super-listenable melodic tune.

If you miss the old Marnie, you can watch 30 seconds of pure unaccompanied shredding here. Otherwise listen to the new single below.

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