10 best movie scenes to watch on the treadmill

10 best movie scenes to watch on the treadmill

Jan 22, 2013

It finally happened. I woke up the other morning and turned into a fat-ass piece of shit. Yeah we all get a little meaty during flask season, but trust me when I say the situation is out of control. Not a good time to hit me up for the hot pics, ladies, but don’t worry: The treadmill beckons.

But I can’t focus on MSNBC during a 40-minute run; I need action-hero video that’s more engaging, and just any old shoot-em-up scene won’t do. Automobiles exploding on the freeway isn’t enough. I need a visceral connection to whatever is happening on screen and yet, because of the Sauconys pounding on the conveyor belt, it can’t watch something too dependent on dialogue. So “Glengarry Glen Ross,” as high-powered as the exchanges between those beloved douchebags seem, is of no use here.

But the following sequences work perfectly.

1. “The Wild Bunch” — final shootout

Really you should watch the whole thing, but, of the many scenes worth hauling ass to, this one’s available on YouTube.

2. “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” — Sarah’s escape

As much as “T2″ has become a throwback punchline in ironic writer’s rooms, I still think this scene kills. Especially the part where Sarah Conner fills up the syringe with poison (not featured above, sorry).

3. “Dredd” — Ma-Ma’s miniguns

Paul Leonard-Morgan’s electronic track helps. Plus, “Dredd” is still better than “TDKR.”

4. “Detroit Rock City” — school breakout

“I’m responsible for that!” at 3:18. Never gets old.

5. “Heat” — bank heist

That’s Brian Eno tweaking in the background when the bad guys grab their duffel bags and head inside the bank building at South Flower Street in downtown L.A. Good stuff.

6. “Predator” — Blaine’s death

Still Arnold’s finest movie. Right?

7. “Cool Hand Luke” — tar sequence

Hey is this list kinda gay? Anyways, I wish blogging would yield this kind of workout with hours of daylight left. Hat tip to screenwriter Frank Pierson (R.I.P.) for keeping this scene from the book.

8. “He Got Game” — opening credits

Spike Lee blasting Aaron Copland’s “John Henry” is probably what keeps me from hitting the quick stop button.

9. “The Warriors” — the Baseball Furies in Riverside Park

Again, here’s a movie where pretty much any scene will keep your attention while the sweat pours through your favorite TV dinner tshirt. Dudes dressed up in Halloween costumes beating the crap out of each other for 90 minutes.

10. “Bullitt” — car chase

Steve McQueen hauling ass through Rice-A-Roni’s hometown — what’s not to like?

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