80s action movie word of the day: Defenestration

In Entertainment by Brian Abrams / February 6, 2013

Hats off to OneMinuteGalactica. The YouTube channel has proven a reliable source for the charmingly inane. Like the Rambo Coke commercial? That has to be its smartest mashup. On the other hand, they’re so many Star Wars farting bits on there that this is likely a discussion that requires a couple wingback chairs and four snifters of Louis XIII.

The takeaway for now, I suppose, is that the account has an air of academe, a professorial quality that offers edification to the YouTube masses. An example of which can be found in the latest upload, a sweet jab at Arnold’s box office flop “The Last Stand” but starring The Simpsons’ Ranier Wolfcastle. In which we run across a word that, after looking up its definition, you’d think every 80s action movie would have inundated on the popcorn crowd time and again.

Learn the meaning of “defenestration”: