Brendan Fraser says he's broke, still has way more money than you

Brendan Fraser says he’s broke, still has way more money than you

Mar 4, 2013

Brendan Fraser, star of “School Ties,” “Encino Man,” and all those “Mummy” movies that I never bothered to see because they looked dumb, is going to court this month to try and get his $50,000 a month alimony payments decreased, because he just doesn’t have that kind of money anymore. He’s only worth like 25 million dollars and is only reeling in $200,000 a month, and who can be expected to live on that! Fraser has submitted his monthly expenses to the court, so that all may see the kind of financial duress he is under:

Alimony — $50,000
Mortgages — $5,000+
Property tax — $6,000+
Income tax — $34,132.52
Child support — $25,000
Gardening — $5,200
Various insurances — $5,000+
Family support and gifts — $5,000+
Staffing — $3,000
Pet care — $7.77

Question! I am not a gardener or anything, so maybe there are just some things I’m not going to understand… but what on earth could one possibly be gardening that costs $5,200 a month? WHAT COULD THAT EVEN BE? I mean, is he tending the gardens of Versailles and having all of the flowers dipped in gold or something? And I don’t think the cost of an actual gardener is included in that, because there’s a separate section for “staffing”. And then he only spends 7 bucks a month on his mystery pet! It’s all very odd.

I don’t know what insanely rich people consider broke- I mean, I spent twenty minutes yesterday deciding if I really needed to buy another poncho at Buffalo Exchange for 10 bucks (I did, actually.). But I think as long as you’re an actual millionaire, you do not qualify. At the same time, $50,000 is more than many people make in a whole year, so I don’t really know what to think here.

In way more awesome news, when I was researching this, I discovered that there was a 1996 made-for-TV sequel to Encino Man called “Encino Woman” that some of Lady Gaga’s friends were in (and that I will find a way to watch, somehow), as well as an entire Encino Man wiki. Which is pretty impressive, and something that someone obviously took a lot of time out of their life to do for some reason.

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