Mila Kunis reminds us what hardball journalism is all about

Mila Kunis reminds us what hardball journalism is all about

Mar 5, 2013

Flubbering BBC Radio 1 correspondent Chris Stark scored the journalistic coup of the decade with a Wikileaks-sized scoop during a sit-down with Mila Kunis: Her favorite beer is Blue Moon.

The actress, attending press junkets this week for her turn as the Wicked Witch of the West in the upcoming “Oz the Great and Powerful”, didn’t specify whether she preferred Blue Moon’s Belgian White over Pale Ale (I’m going to assume Belgian White), which would have been the obvious follow-up question for BBC 1′s resident pub crawler. According to Stark, he’s off the hook because the Colorado brewery doesn’t distribute in the UK (fact-check: it does); but, even if so, he could have at least asked Oh? Really? What the hell is Blue Moon? Instead, the lad couldn’t stop his bumbling. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Forgive the Haterade. It’s just that Stark’s one job at that moment — pitching softball questions to Kunis — wasn’t mine. And none of us hold the lad in contempt for his incompetence. Instead, we collectively embrace it. So don’t cry the next time a major news story gets completely boffed by shoddy reporting, because our idiocracy rewards the Zoe Barneses of the world. Stark likely has a promotion right around the corner from the viral metrics of his interview alone: The video, as of this writing, has approached a half-million views under 24 hours; America’s number one morning show highlighted his sincerity blooper Tuesday, and Stark is enjoying his 15 minutes in the same paralytic state as he was during his seven minutes with Kunis.

In all fairness to Stark, she was a pretty hot interview.

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