Edward Furlong picked prison over rehab

Edward Furlong picked prison over rehab

Mar 6, 2013

It’s sad to see the limelight of 90s sidekick Edward Furlong become obscured by his series of arrests and domestic abuse charges from the past couple years. Worse yet, the 35 year-old is now going to prison.

In January, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office responded to a “boyfriend/girlfriend disturbance” and arrested Furlong at his home — the second time in three months — and, on Tuesday, Superior Court Judge Dennis Mulcahy at Van Nuys Courthouse West sentenced the “American History X” and “Terminator 2″ star to six months in prison for violating his probation, dating back to November 2010. The judge told officials not to give the prisoner credit for time served. He wants Furlong behind bars for the entire sentence.

The giant curb stomp about the whole thing is that John Connor could have skipped prison altogether.

“Mr. Furlong thad the opportunity to avoid jail in a deal my office worked out … by checking himself into a drug rehabilitation program,” Furlong’s attorney Brian Michaels told E! News. “Sadly, Mr. Furlong rejected all proposals to get into drug rehabilitation, and the Court ultimately decided that it was forced to sentence to him a hefty amount of jail time. We are hopeful that Mr. Furlong uses this experience, unpleasant as it may be, to revisit the issue of rehab when he is released.”

I’m pretty bummed to hear Furlong is in such a bad place. I only hope that one day all this will pass, and we can get him refocused on the task at hand: A reunion-reboot of “Detroit Rock City”. The KISS Army awaits.

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