The cast of ‘Terminator 2’ — where are they now?

The cast of ‘Terminator 2’ — where are they now?

Apr 26, 2013

Now I know what it feels like to cry.

1. Edward Furlong, John Connor

John Connor The cast of ‘Terminator 2’ — where are they now?

Our “Detroit Rock City” and “American History X” homeboy was arrested at his Los Angeles home in January after the sheriff’s office responded to a “boyfriend/girlfriend disturbance” — the second time in three months. He was sentenced to six months in prison for violating his probation, dating back to November 2010.

2. Linda Hamilton, Sarah Connor

hamilton The cast of ‘Terminator 2’ — where are they now?

In March, Linda Hamilton made a guest appearance on Showtime’s “Lost Girl” but otherwise is chilling hard. The Golden Globe-nominated actress sold her five-bedroom, four-bath Malibu villa for close to $5 million and continues to revel in treasure baths from her $50 million divorce settlement to director James Cameron in 1999. They were married for 17 months.

3. Robert Patrick, T-1000

Robert Patrick The cast of ‘Terminator 2’ — where are they now?

We all know and love Robert Patrick for his ’90s bad boy roles and macho “Die Hard 2″ one-liner (“a sitting duck!”), but, in later years, would be seen in a more cowered disposition on screen — e.g. in season two, episode six of “The Sopranos,” when Tony gives him a beatdown. Here is Patrick in an interview on the set of 2013′s “Gangster Squad,” discussing his role as Officer Max Kennard.

4. Joe Morton, Miles Dyson

Joe Morton The cast of ‘Terminator 2’ — where are they now?

OK, so remember that scene where Miles Dyson was hyperventilating from a gunshot wound inside Cyberdyne Systems Corporation? Me too, and I can’t believe this 15-minute loop of Joe Morton’s melodramatic breathing hasn’t gone viral. (What is wrong with you Internet people?) Morton, famous for his “Brother From Another Planet” breakout role in 1984, continues to work steadily in television and recently gave a lecture at Fordham University on “Performing Blackness in Space and Time.”

5. Danny Cooksey, Tim

COOKSEY The cast of ‘Terminator 2’ — where are they now?

You might recognize John Connor’s rat-tailed ranga as the third adopted child on later seasons of “Diff’rent Strokes” as well as Bobby Budnick from Nickelodeon’s “Salute Your Shorts.” These days, the 37-year-old busts out voiceover work for “Pound Puppies” and Disney. His wife is also really hot.

6. Jenette Goldstein, Janelle Voight

Screen shot 2013 04 26 at 12.33.43 PM The cast of ‘Terminator 2’ — where are they now?

Jenette Goldstein, who played John Connor’s stepmom, is likely more famous for her turn as the gun-loving Private Vasquez in James Cameron’s “Aliens” — also one of the vampires from Katherine Bigelow’s “Near Dark.” But, these days, Goldstein runs a specialty bra shop, Jenette Bras, in Los Angeles. “There’s, like, a whole hourglass underground out there,” Goldstein told me in 2009. “I became fascinated with how I, a movie actress in Los Angeles for Chrissakes, could arrive at middle age still wearing crappy bras not even close to my right size — 30G, in case you’re interested … My customers drive in from all over the city, Valley included.”

7. Don and Dan Stanton, Lewis the Guard

stanton The cast of ‘Terminator 2’ — where are they now?

Identical twins Don and Dan Stanton have also been seen in “Good Morning, Vietnam” and “Gremlins 2: The New Batch.” Unfortunately, according to either Dan’s or Don’s IMDb pages, the brothers haven’t surfaced in a film since 2006. No presence on Twitter, either. FWIW, there’s a pretty cool “Gremlins 2″ GIF on their outdated website.

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger, T101

ahnuld The cast of ‘Terminator 2’ — where are they now?

Aside from running the state of California for seven years, starring in a couple dozen forgettable movies and having an illegitimate child with his housekeeper, the most interesting Ahnuld-related thing (or, at least, most recent) that has happened since “T2″ is probably comic Will Sasso’s Vine compilation of Arnold Schwarzenegger Driving. (Click that. Trust me.)

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