Dizzying video of One World Trade Center getting completed

In News by Alex Moore / May 15, 2013

Perhaps you heard: late last week, One World Trade center finally ascended to its fully-erect height of 1,776 feet (patriotic, right?), thus emerging as the most potent phallic symbol in the Western Hemisphere. The U.S. is now back on top, right where we’re supposed to be.

A vertigo-inducing photo, snapped by a crew worker at the top of another tower, circled the Web last Friday, and now some videos are starting to emerge which, if you have any human vulnerability whatsoever, will make your stomach turn. Check out the one below, which shows a bird’s-eye view as the 40-ton spire was hauled by pulle up to the very top of the tower and attached by the fearless crew. You’ll notice that vaguely penis-looking thing way below is the shape of lower Manhattan. I gotta go take a Dramamine …