Clearly, the Wall Street Journal thinks cleaning is women’s work

In News by Robyn Pennacchia / July 3, 2013

The Wall Street Journal featured an article on Wednesday on how the makers of cleaning products are changing with the times and making cleaning products more efficient to accommodate people with busy lives. Not changing with the times, however, is the Wall Street Journal, which illustrated this article with a variety of graphics picturing happy women cleaning. Just women. No men. Because obviously, even though we have busy lives and the mens let us have jobs and wear pants and such now, it’s still our job to clean up after them.


SEE. If vacuum cleaners weren’t for ladies, then why else would they emit pink smoke?


You may be a high powered attorney, Missy, but don’t forget to swipe off that counter after making your man his ham sandwich!


Laura spent one too many nights cleaning up after Bob. Now she’s cleaning up a crime scene.

It’s disappointing. These days we expect men to do the cleaning as well, we expect things to be more equal. Hell, I even saw a laundry detergent commercial recently featuring a man doing laundry like normal and without accidentally blowing up Newark or whatever usually happens when men in commercials help with the cleaning! As innocuous as this article seems, it’s part of a broader cultural imperative that still assumes that only women are capable of wiping off a counter or something.