Housekeeper accidentally eats pot brownie during party clean-up, freaks out

In News by Brian Abrams / July 11, 2013

In June, 22-year-olds Ajay Sundar and Jibril Ghadban threw a hella bash at Sundar’s parents place while the the folks were away on vacation. It was probably an awesome time, too, because the folks laid stakes in Orland Park, which is a ritzy suburb outside Chicago. That increases the chances of a quality liquor cabinet, you see. Good times.


But, during clean-up the next day, the family housekeeper was picking up after the polly prissy pantses when she stumbled upon a leftover brownie that was sitting on a dresser. She ate it. Let me repeat that: A woman who was cleaning up after a house party found a random brownie sitting on a dresser and decided to put it in her mouth, chew and swallow. Perhaps I’m a little much of a neat freak or borderline OCD, but … does it not strike you as slightly germy and unsanitary to chuck that down the ol’ gullet?

Housekeeper paid the price, I suppose, because she didn’t realize the brownie was laced with marijuana. She had herself an old-fashioned pot brownie freakout, likely when she was mid-Windexing the coffee table, and an ambulance was called for the lady. After a urine test at the hospital, the housekeeper tested positive for marijuana. And then the cops questioned Sundar, because in the finer parts of Chicagoland this is apparently some serious shit.

From the Sun-Times:

[Sundar] told police that his parents were vacationing overseas, he had some friends over the previous night and one of them, 22-year-old Jibril Ghadban, left with the brownies.

Police contacted Ghadban,who initially did not cooperate but eventually led officers to a trash can containing three containers of pot brownies, police said.

Talk about burying the lede! What kind of pinhead just throws away three containers of Alice B. Toklas’s finest? I suppose Orland Park police doesn’t mess around when it comes to doping up your house staff with weedy treats, even though it sounds like one killer fringe benefit. Pfft. Figures, Obama.

source: Chicago Sun-Times