Christian Slater has a movie called 'RastaFEARian'

Christian Slater has a movie called ‘RastaFEARian’

Jul 11, 2013

Ah, Christian Slater. You know … it would be easy to say something like “Oh, man, what happened?” but fuck it: Showbiz is a cruel game, and if you love what you do then you’ll do whatever it takes to keep doing it. The more fiscally minded of us might have opened up a restaurant or retired to (pick a random part of the globe) but Christian Slater is still pluggin’ away because he loves to work and I can totally roll with that, man. Keep doin’ your thing.

Anyway, he seems to have filmed a movie called “RastaFEARian” – a movie that has the tagline “No woman No die” – and that is the greatest thing in the world because it, at least for a few seconds, made me think that it was a movie about a deadly Rasta or possibly undead Bob Marley. The movie wrapped in 2012 but has been sitting on a shelf looking for a buyer. If the Internet has any heart (Reddit? Hello? Hello) they’ll get this movie released. Here’s the poster, courtesy of Badass Digest:

rastfearianfinal  span Christian Slater has a movie called RastaFEARian

The plot, according to the distributor’s website, is as follows:

Bob Reynolds, a movie producer on the brink of bankruptcy, pulls financing together for a horror movie by taking money from his local drug dealer. Once shooting starts things begin to fall apart quickly and Bob finds himself killing people in order to keep the film rolling. But before he knows it, he has the police visiting set, the insurance company checking in on him and oh yeah, the drug dealer wants his money back. Now.

There isn’t even a trailer online. Just the poster. Let’s get something to happen, Internet. Whaddaya say?

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