10 awesome scenes from movies so bad they're good

10 awesome scenes from movies so bad they’re good

Jul 18, 2013

If you thought “Sharknado” was bad …

1. Tough Guys Don’t Dance

Ryan O’Neal gives a bottom-of-the-barrel performance in director Norman Mailer’s 1987 melodrama, based on his book. [YouTube] [IMDb]

2. The Annihilators

I’m still trying to figure out what that slap was all about. [YouTube] [IMDb]

3. Undefeatable

Incredible tidbit from its IMDb trivia page: “Cynthia Rothrock claimed that some of her costars had such difficulty remembering their lines while filming that portions of dialogue were written down and taped to her forehead for the actors to read.” [YouTube] [IMDb]

4. Troll 2

When you’re done here, check out the documentary “Best Worst Movie” that exclusively focuses on this gem — because there is no “Troll 1.” [YouTube] [IMDb]

5. The Room

In interviews subsequent to the release of this piece of shit, director Tommy Wiseau roundly claimed that he meant to make this San Francisco-set train wreck. [YouTube] [IMDb]

6. Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Please. Please. If you watch any of these clips, let it be this one. [YouTube] [IMDb]

7. Shark Attack 3

I actually tried this line on my girlfriend once. She left me back in 2009. [YouTube] [IMDb]

8. Frankenhooker

1990′s punk rock answer to “Rocky Horror” is a must-see. [YouTube] [IMDb]

9. Miami Connection

A ninja rock star fantasy that, for some reason, didn’t pick up any Oscar nominations. [YouTube] [IMDb]

10. Kareteci Kiz

In 2013, a deleted scene was discovered from this 1974 Turkish thriller. [YouTube] [IMDb]

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