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Bryan Cranston disguised himself in Bryan Cranston mask at Comic-Con, went unnoticed

Jul 22, 2013

Bryan Cranston has a pretty awesome track record when it comes to interacting with fans. Perhaps you were convinced Cranston is the coolest during his Reddit AMA, when he answered that he’d prefer to fight 100 horse-sized ducks (what else do you expect from Heisenberg?). But if you weren’t already aware of the general awesomeness that is Bryan Cranston, let us draw your attention to the prank he pulled at Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend.

No one was quite sure who this guy walking around in the convincing outfit with the hyper-realistic Bryan Cranston mask was. He kind of blended in with the other hyper-realistic costumes:

 Bryan Cranston disguised himself in Bryan Cranston mask at Comic Con, went unnoticed

After walking around undiscovered by fans all day, he revealed himself to be Heisenberg in the flesh.

And then Cranston started making out with the mask. And then Aaron Paul did. “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gillgan stood by tooking pictures. The whole thing was weird. See Business Insider for more details.

source/ images: Business Insider

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