Bruce Willis shuts down reporter during press junket

Bruce Willis shuts down reporter during press junket

Jul 23, 2013

If you’ve ever been 300 yards within any press junket for the release of a major motion picture, then you know the worst of the mediocre media are gathered at the behest (and on the dime) of whichever studio is looking to publicize their latest mealticket. Mid-day radio hosts, college newspaper reporters and subservient fan boys are the usual suspects who get their rooms comp’ed and are allotted bar tab per diems — all in exchange for interviewing cast members on a reserved floor of said hotel and in the service of promoting the movie to no end.

Any respectable member of the press shudders at this sort of thing; others, unfortunately, live for it. Of course, every reporter should experience a press junket at least once to understand how gross it really is, but some don’t move on from it. Some continue to make a living on the junket circuit and are really just lightly masked PR flack. And that’s extra gross.

But imagine if you’re the actor on the other end of that prostitution circlejerk. Sure, you’re benefitting greatly from a media event that’s gonna yield ticket sales and line your pockets, but, eventually, it’s going to become difficult hiding your disdain.

Case in point: This week in London, when Magic 105.4 entertainment reporter Jamie Edwards spruced up his game show host mug before talking to actors Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker about their performances in “Red 2.” While Parker decided to just roll with it (assuming this was possibly their 16th interview of the day), our accomplished action hero Willis couldn’t hold back his contempt. Whatever vapid vibes Edwards was sending, Willis picked up on immediately. And he wasn’t having it. And, you know, neither am I: If you’re going to sit across from Bruce Willis, goddammit, don’t expect him to bust out with the zippity-doo-dah sound bites for your radio station. Earn it. Ask him a question that’s worth his time. Or anyone’s.

Two minutes into the “interview”:

Willis: Has any actor ever told you this, Jamie? This part is not acting, what we’re doing right now. You might be, but we’re just … selling the film now,” “Sales. That fun part was making the movie.”

Edwards: So how would you sell me the film, then? What would you say?

Willis:”I wouldn’t. I would slash my hooves.”

Parker acts the total by-stander, but you know she totally digs where Willis is coming from. Around the five-minute mark, Edwards lobs another softball at Willis when asking if a “Red 3″ could be a possibility. Willis’s response? “I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.”

Trust me. It’s a burn. There’s so much hatred in Willis’s response. Just watch this thing, and also peep how Magic 105′s graphic bumper ends the YouTube clip without any irony. As if this is just another fun piece of fluff for their station — great for branding!, thinks station management — and meanwhile unaware that Willis is basically stomping all over them.

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