Actors who killed themselves

Actors who killed themselves

Oct 21, 2013

Hollywood players who took their own lives.

1. Justin Pierce
casper 585x320 Actors who killed themselves
Justin Pierce, who played Casper in Larry Clark’s “Kids,” was found dead in July of 2000 in his Las Vegas hotel room. Bellagio Hotel security discovered him hanging in his room. [IMDb]

2. Andrew Koenig
boner Actors who killed themselves
The actor who played Boner Stabone on “Growing Pains” and son of Walter Koenig (Chekov of “Star Trek”) went missing in Vancouver for several days in 2010. Police found his body in a wooded area, and it was ruled a suicide. “My son took his own life,” Walter said in a statement. “He was obviously in a lot of pain.” [IMDb]

3. Richard Jeni
jeni Actors who killed themselves
In 2007, actor and stand-up comic Richard Jeni inserted a .38-caliber Colt Detective Special into his mouth and pulled the trigger while his girlfriend was downstairs making breafast. According to The Smoking Gun, Jeni had previously spent time at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles for suicidal depression. [IMDb]

4. Marilyn Monroe
marilyn 585x390 Actors who killed themselves
On August 5, 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead from an overdose of prescription pills. Whether the actress killed herself or not is still unclear, but in March of 2013, a handwritten letter resurfaced at an auction that stirred the debate yet again. “My will is weak but I can’t stand anything,” she wrote to her acting mentor. “I feel like I’m not existing in the human race at all.” [IMDb]

5. Tiago Klimeck
brazil Actors who killed themselves
In 2012, 27-year old Brazilian actor Tiago Klimeck accidentally hanged himself during a local production of “The Passion of the Christ.” It was caught on video. [no IMDb available]

6. Doodles Weaver
doodles Actors who killed themselves

The 1950s TV host and uncle to Sigourney shot himself twice in the chest at the age of 71. [IMDb]

7. Ray Combs
fued Actors who killed themselves

Ray Combs, who hosted the game show “Family Feud” for seven years, also scored bit parts on TV and in film–the most memorable (I think?) was a hospital policeman in “Overboard” with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. Two years after his “Family Feud” gig was over, the 40-year-old actor killed himself in a hospital–one day after being admitted for a head injury. Authorities would not disclose any further details, only that Glendale Police Lt. Stephen Campbell said Combs died of “respiratory failure unrelated to his head trauma.” [IMDb]

8. Laurie Bird
bird Actors who killed themselves

Laurie Bird only starred in three films — “Two-Lane Blacktop”, “Annie Hall” and “Cockfighter” (all classics, I might add) — overdosed on Valium in Art Garfunkel’s apartment at the age of 25. She left a suicide note. [IMDb]

9. Hervé Villechaize
herve 585x372 Actors who killed themselves

Hervé Villechaize, the 3-foot 11-inch actor who shouted “De Plane! De Plane!” on the TV series “Fantasy Island” and was also an evil henchman in the James Bond franchise, shot himself at his Los Angeles home in 1993. Plans for a remake of “Fantasy Island” were cancelled. [IMDb]

10. Dana Plato
dana Actors who killed themselves

“Diff’rent Strokes” star Dana Plato overdosed on a prescription of Soma sleeping pills in her mother’s RV in Oklahoma in 1999. Then, almost to the day, 11 years later, her 25-year-old son took his own life. [IMDb]

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