Brooklyn restaurant that demands you eat in silence will give you the douchechills

Welcome to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the neighborhood that hosts Nicholas Nauman’s new restaurant, Eat, which requires its diners to consume egg casserole frittatas and whole grain porridge in silence. Nauman (above) became inspired for the silent restaurant concept after spending time at a Buddhist monastery in India a few years ago. The 28-year-old became spiritually enlightened, unlike the rest of you vapid loudmouth foodie jerks.

ITN produced a video segment about Eat, which you can watch below, and grabbed an incredibly nails-chalkboard sound bite from its owner. “When you take a piece of lettuce and you put it against your lips, there are an incredible number of sensations going on that we’re not paying any attention to,” Lauman said. “To actually have an opportunity to engage that, to explore that, to just be with that, is really rare.”

Mmm, yes. Be one with the lettuce …

In September, Nauman told the Wall Street Journal that he “wanted to bring attention to the physical and visceral properties of eating, and less of the distractions you see so much these days.”

h/t Abroath and WSJ