NASA wants you to eat its sweet, sweet moon pesto

Dec 4, 2013

NASA is planning to grow basil, turnips, and arabidopsis on the moon, according to Grub Street. What a time to be alive.

Unfortunately, they won’t actually be harvesting these crops for consumption (at least not just yet). NASA’s press release explains that the plants are being used to test to see if humans can live and work on the moon, in the long-term, undamaged by radiation. If plants can survive, then we probably can too.

The basic plan is to send a self-contained habitat to the moon via a Moon Express lander (part of the Google Lunar X-prize competition) in 2015, where the growing plants will then be watered and compared to Earth-based controls.

I’m just excited to be slightly closer to realizing my dream of being a simple ol’ moon farmer, who is kind but set in his ways.

h/t Grub Street

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