Pro-Walmart group makes super cheesy video about how unions and workers ruined Thanksgiving

Dec 4, 2013

Oh man. This is so bad. This is just so, so bad.

A pro-Walmart/anti-union group hilariously called “Worker Center Watch” has released a series of videos called “Black Lieday” –pathetically trying to accuse union organizers and striking workers of trying to ruin your whole Thanksgiving Holiday, annoy and inconvenience you with their incessant prattering about low wages and bad working conditions. UGH, god. Like you want to think about things like poor people when you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving Dinner that you can afford to purchase yourself. GROSS.

And not only do these people want to ruin your Thanksgiving, they also want to ruin your precious Black Friday, by organizing stupid whiny protests and going on strike at stores where you’d like to spend your money without having to think about the people who have none. UBERGROSS.

You know who is definitely not ruining Thanksgiving? Corporations like Walmart that force workers to work on the holiday.

While “Worker Center Watch” does not disclose where it gets its funding from, Lee Fang of The Nation discovered the website was registered by none other than Joe Kefauver, former President of Public Affairs for… you guessed it! Walmart. A dude who gave a presentation this October to the National Retail Federation about how companies can fight things like a better minimum wage, mandated paid time off, the retention of the 40-hour work week, and how they can “challenge the social justice narrative.” Yeah. Basically he goes around giving talks to corporations about how to properly screw workers and get away with as much as they can.

The bright side is this: We’re winning. Walmart and all these other corporations know they’re losing the public opinion war. Otherwise, they’d never bother with this shit. You see all those commercials featuring happy Walmart workers? That’s no coincidence. They’re hoping you’ll see these happy fictional Walmart workers and say to yourself “Gee! Things can’t be that bad! These people seem satisfied with $7.25 an hour!”

But honestly? I don’t think their are enough commercials in the world, enough cheesy videos that sound like negative campaign ads to counteract the reality that most of us, as a country, are just plain tired of seeing neighbors, friends and fellow citizens screwed in this manner.

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