Ted Nugent wants to be president, plus ban the elderly and the working poor from voting

Dec 5, 2013

Ok, so you remember that time when Mitt Romney was all “UGH. 47% of the people in this country are going to vote for President Obama because they don’t pay Federal Taxes and are thus living off the government” and everyone was all, “Well, that sure is a thing for a rich guy to say” and went about their non-voting for Romney business? It may not surprise you to know that some other Republican Rich Dudes actually thought it was rather inspired.

One of those Republican Rich Dudes was probably aspiring presidential candidate Ted Nugent, since he’s decided to create a plan to eliminate that whole bloc of voters! He detailed this plan in his December 4 column over at World Nut Daily.

His plan, which he calls “very presidential” would be to graciously allow liberals to close the gun-show loophole–which allows guns to be sold at gun show’s without a background check– in exchange for conservatives getting to close what he calls the “federal voting loophole.” By which he means disenfranchising everyone who does not pay federal income tax.

The federal voting loophole is this: People who pay no federal income taxes are allowed to vote in federal elections. Arguably, this is a “loophole” since these voters have no federal income tax flesh in the game.

The producers who pay more than our fair share believe that it is grossly unfair for those who pay no federal income taxes to be able to vote in federal elections determining how other Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars are spent.

The voting “loophole” needs to be closed in order to restore fairness in federal elections. Closing this loophole will not prohibit people who pay no federal income taxes from voting in local, county and state elections – only federal elections. That’s reasonable and fair.

And who are these bloodsucking leeches? The working poor, the elderly, the disabled and students.

Via Media Matters:

47percent Ted Nugent wants to be president, plus ban the elderly and the working poor from voting

Nugent has previously recommended disenfranchising people on welfare as well.

Now, sure. I can see why he’d want this. If none of these voting groups voted, the Republicans would be elected in a landslide. And hey, if they also disenfranchised women, non-Christians and minorities, Ted Nugent could probably win in a landslide. Or not. As much money as he has, he’s still pretty low-class, and very likely is not often invited to attend many debutante balls. A bunch of rich white dudes would probably elect one of their own.

But hey– even if anyone actually supported your ridiculous idea, no one actually has the authority to do that, Captain Constitution! As much as it may annoy you, and as hard as the GOP tries to make it difficult, you can’t actually take away anyone’s right to vote based on their financial circumstances. Tax and property owning requirements were eliminated in 1850. Duh.

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