Ryan Seacrest is investing $1 million in this ridiculous startup

Dec 5, 2013

Have you ever wished that your iPhone was bigger and heavier and had a cheap plastic extendable keyboard for your greasy thumbs? Well now you’re in luck, thanks to Ryan Seacrest. The bumbling host is apparently tossing $1 million of his “American Idol” money into the startup game.

The device, called a Typo Keyboard Case (which sounds like it causes typos) is set to debut at CES in 2014. The whole thing will only set you back $99. Oof.

It’s likely Seacrest and his co-founder will invest up to $5 million into the company, instead of doing anything more useful with that money. The keyboard even has its own irritating Hollywood genesis story:

“The back story of Seacrest’s interest in this — for many of his friends and colleagues, carrying two phones was a habit: One for typing and correspondence and an iPhone for virtually everything else. One night, Ryan and his friend Laurence Hallier, CEO of Show Media, were out to dinner and both had phones on the table. Two people, four phones!”

This is just one more indication that there’s a tech bubble ready to pop.

h/t All Things D

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