The Hairpin quietly obtained Lorde’s birth certificate to verify her age, pulling the opposite of a Jezebel

In Music by Madeline Raynor / January 28, 2014

Today, the Hairpin quietly announced that they had obtained Lorde’s birth certificate from the New Zealand government to investigate how old she actually is amid wild speculation. (Seriously! She looks like she could be any age from 1 to 100.)

What’s your guess? You’re all wrong! The singer is 17. That settles the question once and for all. That’s right, the two-time Grammy winner is only 17 and already cooler (possibly richer) than you’ll ever be.


Props to the Hairpin for this piece of classy yet hardcore journalism. They took a question we all wanted the answer to, answered it with facts, and didn’t slander the person in question along the way. They quietly and calmly paid $17.02 to a government office to bring information to the people. They handled the situation about a thousand times more gracefully, than, say, Jezebel putting a $10,000 bounty on Lena Dunham’s unretouched Vogue photos.

Lorde looking her oldest…

and youngest.