The 10 worst kinds of Tinder photos

The 10 worst kinds of Tinder photos

Feb 25, 2014

Oh Tinder, the tech kindling for modern love. Spawned from Grindr, an app for gay people which facilitates hooking up by proximity (it’s like last call at an internet dive bar), Tinder seeks to match up sexy singles (both gay and straight) for awkward coffee dates galore.

It’s like rapid fire OKCupid without any of the witty lies—just a few simple photos of yourself are all that’s required. No creativity is necessary. Which begs the question: Why are so many of the photos so awful? You had but one job.

The thing is, looking through some of the worst offenders on blogs like TinderDouche and TinderStars, a few patterns start to emerge with some of the worst photos.

1. Wearing a fedora

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If they sell them in stacks at the Walgreens next to condoms and candy bars, it’s probably not a bankable fashion choice. Maybe they think it conveys a sense of rugged mystery, like: What the hell was he thinking? If you’d like to update your brand of nauseating head adornment, might I suggest a beanie?

Bonus points if you’re handling a firearm, because nothing says “true love” like “at the slightest provocation I could easily turn this into a hostage situation.”

2. Driving a sick sports car

64c48b100844d2adb7a51b4c82906f375f506605932a7cd97f1ba24b5c4cd215.jpg The 10 worst kinds of Tinder photos

Listen, the first time I ever heard that joke about what you must be compensating for with your flashy car was from MY MOM about fifteen years ago. Everyone is laughing at you. And if you’re so terribly disfigured, poorly endowed or lacking a personality that you think your sick ride is going to make up for it, well you really seem like you’d be better suited finding love on MTV.

3. Working out

44a308b4b09f1c28324f42d9d2d474aeb0b20505265376116586b0d0dc2b13c1.jpg The 10 worst kinds of Tinder photos

One important thing to remember about Tinder is that the only photos you’re allowed to display have to be current or former Facebook profile pictures. So if your photo features you at the gym, you’re not just suggesting to potential mates that you like to brag about getting swoll, but to everyone you know. If you have no problem making your poor old Great Aunt Sue look at you looking at yourself at Planet Fitness, you need another protein shake, not a girlfriend.

4. Holding puppies

1d81ba6c21e57dc79bde65119c1f265d403a6a64d26fb904c43c4c591a5fb63b 394x585 The 10 worst kinds of Tinder photos

Girls freaking love puppies, a fact all too often exploited. Now if the picture is of you and your actual dog, kudos, that pit bull sitting trustingly by your side at your local fair trade coffee shop is fine with me and everyone else. But the only thing we’re noticing in all those pics with your mom’s new puppy like some kind of cheap bait, is the, “omg, bitches are gonna love this,” look on your face. Put the puppy down, and pick up your class on the way out.

5. Flexing

cfd11d95e9ae7c5178551c77970662ce574121b5271ba4624e2c3b8b9588ce60 389x585 The 10 worst kinds of Tinder photos

Akin to the gym photo, but somehow worse without the context. There is a grain of humility in the gym photo. It implies that you understand the value of hard work. The flex photo is just sheer vanity at its least artistic. These guys are also typically inclined to commit all of the Tinder photo sins, because if you think you look that good, you know you’d look even better in a fedora while driving a sports car.

6. Posing with other hoez

d41552f31402618775e061e084c84463b1094ab66ce522a2641b8aa87e42e2b1.jpg 400x585 The 10 worst kinds of Tinder photos

This is just simple flawed logic. You assume you’re advertising yourself as being wanted, therefore other women will want you. Yeesh. First of all, you’re telling the world that you hang out with the kind of women that like to rub their tits on their friends and make duck faces in photos. Men (née boys) who keep that kind of company should exist only on reality television. Second, this is just another double standard, because you know you’re swiping left on every girl who has a profile picture with another man.

7. Obviously lying about your age

39787b894d6c6cb933b37823c265111dbb0b2f6a8a584fcbd4666f4b85b17c06 450x585 The 10 worst kinds of Tinder photos
Image: Betcheslovethis

This is an instant cringe. You precisely set your age barometer to only show you men from 25-40 (more options, more choices, y’all), and up pops grandpa, just living it the hell up at “39.” Your brain then involuntarily imagines (because brains are weird) him feeding you at a restaurant, or naked, or on a balcony, and you wake up on the floor twenty minutes later, your cat licking your face. It’s fine to fish for sugar babies, but much like how you still use an AOL email address, you’re using the wrong system.

8. Posing with celebrities

6a218163ce21b95644bee3e2d5917de31a5d9befc6dd37014b92f84d984c516d.jpg 402x585 The 10 worst kinds of Tinder photos

Of course most of them are probably going to be with Lindsay Lohan, and no girl wants to go where that girl has been before. But if said photo is taken with any other celebrity, you’re really the kind of person that’s going to drunk waddle up to Mario Lopez at a bar and ask for a photo? What you think it makes you look like: Friends with celebrities. What it really makes you look like: A douchebag.

This also includes pictures with celebrity wax statues. Yes, people do this, and yes, it’s pretty much the saddest thing ever.

9. Hanging out at the club

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Image: The Berry

OMG you love to get totally wasted and take pictures looking like an asshole who seemingly spends the whole night absentmindedly pointing at random things, and put them up for everyone to see!? Me too! Can’t wait to stand in line with you for an hour to get into SupperClub.

10. With a baby

fca1399bdbd00a5d941b383e07c6ca8ca93306da6de83bfc81011b01da31f626 346x585 The 10 worst kinds of Tinder photos
Image: Tressuger

The worst version of this is when the note below says “not my baby! lol!” Because women are just so ruled by their wombs that the mere sight of a child will make us grab onto your d-piece for dear life. But in case that said child is yours, shouldn’t the fruit of your loins be something you delicately reveal over a cheese plate? This is even worse than dick pix that say “wanna help me with this?” because you’re implying the same thing, but with a baby.

And, worst case scenario, you just making us worry that if we swipe right, we’ll be put on some kind of child predator list.

Image: Digital Trends

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