Teenager attacks security guard with bong

A teenager is now facing a felony charge after an alleged shoplifting incident at a Safeway in Seattle–where she bashed a security guard upside the head with a bong.

The Post-Intelligencer reported 18-year-old Nadeya Haile and her friend were identified by the guard during one afternoon in April, when Haile lifted a bottle of Crown Royal and headed out the door. In an attempt to stop Haile–who might be the same person running the Twitter account with “iREALLY dont care what ppl think imma do me regardless && I say whats on my mind whenever.” in its profile–the guard tried to zap her with a Taser.

That didn’t quite work out. In retaliation, Haile grabbed a blue glass bong from her purse and smashed it against the guard’s noggin. Her friend then sprayed pepper spray in the rent-a-cop’s face. They both fled. YOLO. WIN.

Weeks later, Haile was detained after being identified on CCTV footage. She now faces a third-degree assault charge.

No charges have been pressed against her friend.

Post-Intelligencer, KRON4/image