Elvis Presley Fandom Reaches Creepy New Heights

In News by Andrew Limbong / July 21, 2010

Elvis Presley Fandom Reaches Creepy New Heights

The die-hard nature of Elvis Presley fanaticism might not exactly be new, but it is starting to cross a line into absolutely creepy. On August 12, there will be an auction held for the medical instruments used in Elvis’ autopsy. I’m wondering why they were ever kept in the first place.

According to Reuters, the items for sale include: “rubber gloves, forceps, lip brushes, a comb and eye liner, needle injectors, an arterial tube and aneurysm hooks,” which the auction house says “were only used once.” One should hope so. There’s also no information as to whether the auction items have not been sterilized. If it is revealed they weren’t, the prices will likely skyrocket.

A spokeswoman for the auction house told Reuters, “”It’s really about owning a piece of the celebrity themselves … and how much closer can you get than the actual embalming instruments?” But how much farther can you get from sanity?

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