Has U2 been forcing us to listen to their music since the ’80s?

There’s a vintage ad circulating that seems to indicate that U2 has been forcing their music onto us since the ’80s—long before their recent “Songs of Innocence” kerfuffle. It would seem the band has been pulling this trick since 1983.

Sadly, the image is fake. It’s an altered image of a 1986 Argos catalog.

Also, fun fact: As our chief editor Alex Moore enthusiastically pointed out to me, “War” was released in 1983, so when “Back To The Future” came out two years later in 1985, the distance of time they travel to back in time to 1955, is a smaller amount of time than the duration from “War” coming out to now.

Yes, time can be measured in terms of “Back To The Future,” or “BTTF units.”