Free Music Monday: The Decemberists, Stereolab and Michael Jackson

In Music by Colin Jones / November 8, 2010

This week we feature a new cut from The Decemberists, Stereolab’s new album and the return of Michael Jackson.

Free Music Monday: The Decemberists, Stereolab and Michael Jackson

Those bards of despair, agony and literary parlance, The Decemberists, are returning on January 18 with the grandly titled “The King Is Dead.” But over at their website Meloy and company are giving away the first single off of the new LP, “Down By The Water.” The band has taken an almost country-esque tone here with Gillian Welch guesting on the track. But beneath the sad-eyed single, a Springsteen grandness comes through brightly with a jangle open and a booming chorus. Head on over their website or enter your email below.

Music history is cyclical and it is no surprise that 90s indie superstars Stereolab are back. Retuning with their 12th album, “Not Music,” the band has expanded into something more accessible. There’s pop melodies and crunchy choruses abound on this one. NPR Music has the entire album streaming on its website until the release on Nov. 16.

Michael Jackson will never die, or that’s what his back catalog is attempting to prove. Over at the website Michael’s estate have released the track “Breaking News” in advance of the album “Michael” set for release this December. And boy does this cut love MJ. The chorus is literally his name and seems to be a set up for an impossible comeback given his death in June 2009. Will Michael live on forever? Only time, and record sales, will tell.