Rosa Parks: Civil Disobedience in 2010

Rosa Parks: Civil Disobedience in 2010

Dec 1, 2010

It’s the 55th anniversary of America’s most famous and principled bus passenger. In memory of “The Mother of The Freedom movement” here’s the most significant acts of civil disobedience from 2010.

rosa adp Rosa Parks: Civil Disobedience in 2010

Stephen Slater JetBlue flight attendant Stephen Slater’s emergency exit
slater adp Rosa Parks: Civil Disobedience in 2010
Being an airline traveler is about is tense in our post-9/11 world. And for a man that has to manage a 747 full of ungrateful passengers, it’s apparently unbearable.

So what did Slater do when a passenger disregarded safety measures by removing her bag too soon, which allegedly struck Slater on the head? Slater grabbed two beers from the drink cart, deployed the emergency exit slide, and bailed in a blaze of glory.

Julian AssangeWikileaks founder
assange adp Rosa Parks: Civil Disobedience in 2010
Assange and Wikileaks has been all over the news this week. With Palin blaming the leaks on Obama to Ahmadenijad blaming the leaks on the U.S. government, the big political figureheads from across the globe are all tossing their opinions into the ring on just how to perceive and legally manage a man that has exposed the worst secrets of government corruption.

BanksyBanksy tags The Simpsons
banksy adp Rosa Parks: Civil Disobedience in 2010
In the introduction to an episode in October, the British Graffiti artist and the shows creators made a blatant stab at the shows outsourcing to South Korea, complete with a despairing dungeon of a sweatshop where children poke holes in DVD’s with the horns of dying unicorns. This was surprisingly done with the approval of the shows executive producer, who commented: “that’s what you get when you outsource.”

John TynerMan that refused the TSA groin check
TSA adp Rosa Parks: Civil Disobedience in 2010
It was the possibly homophobic quote that has come to summarize airport security in the last few weeks: “If You Touch My Junk I Am Going To Have You Arrested”. Tyner refused both the pat down and the scan that would frightfully expose his naked body to the ogling of TSA officials. They slapped him with an $11,000 fine, but really, what’s money when your principles—and more importantly for Tyner, your balls—are on the line?

Kanye WestInterrupts Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech
Kanye adp Rosa Parks: Civil Disobedience in 2010
Granted, Kanye’s taking of the stage at the VMA’s during Swift’s acceptance speech, in all likelihood, didn’t have any social symbolism like that of Rosa Parks. But would you really expect Kanye to ride on a public bus?

Sarah PalinTangles with bears and fish on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska
Palin adp Rosa Parks: Civil Disobedience in 2010
For her new reality show, Palin took a lot of criticism for coming too close to a bear in the Alaska wilderness. And recently on the show, she essentially gave a fuck-your-liberal-sensitivities shout-out by clubbing a fish to death on her boat. It was pretty hick.

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