RadioShack Offers Free Gun With Purchase of Dish Network

In News by Carmel Lobello / March 28, 2011

Also: RadioShack still exists.

RadioShack Offers Free Gun With Purchase of Dish Network

If you happen to be driving down Highway 93 in Montana this week, you’ll likely see this sign as you pass by the tiny, charming town of Hamilton. It’s not a joke— a RadioShack Super Store is still open, and it’s offering any customer who shells out for a Dish Network their choice of a Hi Point 380 pistol or a 20-gauge shotgun for free.

Rewarding people for watching more TV with a free gun is about as American as it gets, but don’t hate on Steve Strand, owner of Hamilton’s RadioShack. First, he owns a RadioShack, which, as Death and Taxes editor Stephen Blackwell pointed out last summer, translates to “a shack of useless crap.” As soon as a Best Buy moves to the neighborhood he’s toast.

Second, he’s actually going about this promotion in a relatively safe way (relative to the way guns are illegally distributed in states like Arizona): the special also includes a free background check and a $50 dollar gift certificate to Pizza Hut as a consolation for anyone who doesn’t qualify to cary a gun. This is a great way to weed out people who are looking to acquire a free pistol for the wrong reasons.

I tend to think that pizza goes with TV better than a 20-gauge. For $50 you can get three large bacon cheeseburger pizzas, a liter of Pepsi and breadsticks. That won’t kill you nearly as fast as a gun will.

But I also know that everyone watches TV differently. Remember this guy, who was so enraged with Bristol Palin’s lack of talent on “Dancing With the Stars” that he shot his TV set when she took the stage?  With TV watchers like this lurking out there, I hope for Strand’s sake that he’s not including an unlimited warranty on the Dish Network along with the free shotgun.

[Via Huffington Post]

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