Fuck Advil: Swearing Kills Pain

In News by Carmel Lobello / April 18, 2011

Scientists have made yet another life-changing discovery: repeatedly uttering profanity can help mitigate acute physical pain.

Fuck Advil: Swearing Kills Pain

A group of researchers from Keele University in the UK asked student volunteers to submerge their arms into a bucket of icy water, while repeatedly uttering a swear word, then to repeat the experiment, while reciting a “harmless” word instead.

The scientists made two conclusions. One, when people swear, they’re able to withstand the pain caused by frigid water for longer periods of time, and two, people who are habitual swearers get less pain relief from cussing than normally polite individuals.

So next time you trip over your boss’s Mac charger and fall flat on your face at 6 p.m. on a Monday, take 650 milligrams of Go Fuck Yourself. It really works.

[Via Time]

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