Big Butter Jesus, King of Google Trends

Mar 11, 2010

bigbutter 150x150 Big Butter Jesus, King of Google TrendsSometimes the divine can manifest itself in the strangest, smallest places, like when a water stain formed an astounding likeness to Mother Mary under a Chicago bridge, drawing thousands of curious onlookers. There’s also the infamous heist of the Mother Teresa Cinnamon Bun. But there’s a new likeness in town, without the subtlety of any of his strange predecessors. Our new hero’s been affectionately dubbed “Big Butter Jesus,” and he’s 62 feet tall. Big butter Jesus isn’t made of actual butter; he’d melt in the Ohio sunshine if he were, but rather he’s the creation of artist James Lynch. The Solid Rock Church of Monroe, OH commissioned the sculpture, which was actually created out of fiberglass, styrofoam, and metal and completed in 2004. He’s also become quite the local attraction, clogging the highway for miles along I-75 every weekend for photo ops and deity worship. As of this morning, Big Butter Jesus was the 69th hottest topic on Google Trends. Why? Only God above, and maybe Big Butter Jesus, knows the answer to that one.

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