Watch Grandma Read Tyler, the Creator of Odd Future’s Tweets

In Music by Alex Moore / May 9, 2011

Tyler, the Creator gets the Grandma treatment.

It’s always funny when old people do things that are meant for young people: smoke pot, have sex, and perhaps funniest of all, swear.

Last fall a character going simply by the name of “Grandma” popped up on YouTube in an old upholstered recliner surrounded by crochet, and began reading Kanye West’s tweets aloud.

Then in a Christmas reprise, Grandma came back with a a fresh round of tweet-reading, this time from 50 Cent’s Twitter feed, which included this whopper: “I’m confused now I want a black girl who can do anal like it’s nothing. I’m sorry I was just watching porn.”

Now Grandma returns just in time for summer and drops a Twitter dose from Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator. Sporting a cap from Supreme, she lays out Tyler’s first writerly gem: “Her titties are yelling at me like, Ahhhhh” Nice, grandma, nice.
[via Rap Radar]